Get ready, America. The fall will be hell

Photo: Anthony Moretti 18July2016

The Guardian reports the perfect storm is certain to descend on America this fall.

Now, four months into the pandemic, with test results delayed, contact tracing scarce, protective equipment dwindling and emergency rooms once again filling, the United States finds itself in a fight for its life: swamped by partisanship, mistrustful of science, engulfed in mask wars and led by a president whose incompetence is rivaled only by his indifference to Americans’ suffering.

With flu season on the horizon and Donald Trump demanding that millions of students return to school in the fall – not to mention a presidential election quickly approaching – the country appears at risk of being torn apart.

Crass TASS? Russian news agency says figure skater Alexandrovskaya likely committed suicide

Figure skater Yekaterina Alexandrovskaya is dead. The Russian news agency TASS reports she took her own life.

Figure skater and junior world champion Yekaterina Alexandrovskaya has been found dead in Moscow, a source in the law enforcement informed TASS on Saturday, adding that she has committed suicide.

The source informed that her body had been found near her house in Moscow. “The preliminary cause of death is suicide,” the source noted, adding that the figure skater had attempted to end her life before after an injury.

Alexandrovskaya was born in Russia but enjoyed her greatest success skating for Australia.