Author Erin Knightley posted the following statement. With her permission, I’m re-posting it here.

I’ve made no changes to it.

Go ahead – replace the name ‘Dennis’ with your own long-time friend’s husband’s name. Imagine receiving this text after 2 weeks of prayer that the medically induced coma and ventilator would do the trick. Feel your heart drop to your knees as you read those 3 awful words. Picture yourself grappling for the right words to somehow ease your friend’s grief. Realize you can’t find them, because there are none.

Now set that mental image aside and give thanks it’s not your reality. Unfortunately, it is my reality- just as it is many others. This is in fact the 3rd person I have known personally to have died – and Dennis was not elderly. My sweet friend is an essential worker and could not stay home, and though she recovered from her own battle with Covid-19, she’s now lost the love of her life.

May this never happen to you or someone you love. May you realize that short-term discomfort is well worth protecting others. Stay home when possible, social distance when possible. And for the love of God, wear a mask! These are literally the only tools we have to fight this thing, and it only works if we all comply.

You are NOT a sheep if you take the advice of 96% of epidemiologists and wear that mask – you are a warrior on the front lines of a battle we are all fighting together. Consider it your sword and armor all in one. 

PS- if 96% of structural engineers told you to avoid a certain bridge, would you do it? How about if 96% of mechanics told you your brake lines should be replaced before driving your car again? Would you say they are all just trying to control you and drive away? No, because taking the advice of experts is the epitome of intelligent decision-making. And because, best case scenario, you save real people’s lives, and worst case scenario, you’re uncomfortable. I’ll leave you with a quote from the director of the CDC yesterday: “If all of us would put on a face covering now for the next four weeks to six weeks, we could drive this epidemic to the ground in this country.”