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Are the Americans and the Chinese heading toward a Cold War?

Depending upon which elite newspaper you chose to read today, the answer is yes…or no. (Of course, lucky for you, I saw both!)

According to the New York Times, the two countries are

…laying the foundation for a confrontation that will have many of the characteristics of the Cold War — and the dangers. As the two superpowers clash over technology, territory and clout, they face the same risk of small disputes escalating into military conflict.

Not, so fast, according to the Guardian.

There are three simple reasons why the rivalry between China and the US is not a new cold war.

The first is that the cold war was an ideological clash between two universalisms: two visions of history and of the historical process; two models of modernity. …

Second, in the cold war, geopolitics interplayed with ideology. The two superpowers competed on a world scale in the attempt to implement their model of modernity. …

The final reason is because of globalisation and how it has transformed contemporary international relations.