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YES! Government backs down on deportation threat of students

This tweet comes from WBUR in Boston:

The government has rescinded a DHS/ICE policy that would have barred international students from staying in the U.S. if their school went to online classes in the fall.

Dueling headlines debate whether U.S. and China are heading toward a Cold War

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Are the Americans and the Chinese heading toward a Cold War?

Depending upon which elite newspaper you chose to read today, the answer is yes…or no. (Of course, lucky for you, I saw both!)

According to the New York Times, the two countries are

…laying the foundation for a confrontation that will have many of the characteristics of the Cold War — and the dangers. As the two superpowers clash over technology, territory and clout, they face the same risk of small disputes escalating into military conflict.

Not, so fast, according to the Guardian.

There are three simple reasons why the rivalry between China and the US is not a new cold war.

The first is that the cold war was an ideological clash between two universalisms: two visions of history and of the historical process; two models of modernity. …

Second, in the cold war, geopolitics interplayed with ideology. The two superpowers competed on a world scale in the attempt to implement their model of modernity. …

The final reason is because of globalisation and how it has transformed contemporary international relations.

ATTENTION, PITTSBURGH: Allegheny County sees surge in coronavirus cases

This tweet comes from WPXI-TV reporter Aaron Martin

JUST IN: @HealthAllegheny reports 331 new cases, shattering the single day total of 233. There are also 7 new hospitalizations and 1 new death. PERSPECTIVE: These test results range from June 8th through July 13th. The health dept is working w/ state and private labs about lag

Texas governor: Please wear masks; 8 county Republican committees cry foul

The governor of Texas mandated wearing masks in public as that state continues to deal with a spike in coronavirus numbers.

The Houston Chronicle reports that his move has angered Republican leaders throughout the state.

Republicans in eight different Texas counties have now voted to censure Gov. Greg Abbott for his order requiring Texans to wear face coverings and take other protective measures as COVID-19 spreads throughout the state.

More than 17,000 Delta employees ready to leave the airline

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution explains why Delta Air Lines is about to lose 17,000 employees.

Delta Air Lines had a $5.7 billion net loss for the second quarter and is cutting its workforce through buyouts and early retirements.

More than 17,000 employees have signed up to take early retirements or buyouts, according to Delta.

That’s about 20% of the company’s workforce.