Tell me how this story ends

There had been a series of break-ins in a particular area of a town, so the police were keeping a close eye on the neighborhood.

Two teenage boys — bored during a sleepover — sneak out of a house around 1:30 a.m. Exhibiting poor judgment (and violating curfew), the boys dart up and down a street and in between houses, in a kind-of game of hide-and-seek.

As one boy comes out from the shadows, a police officer, who at that moment happened to be driving by as part of the canvassing of that aforementioned neighborhood, spots the teenager.

The officer turns on the police car’s lights, as he slows down.

The teenager sees the officer stop the police car and get out of it.

For a moment, he freezes. He has a backpack on, and he’s clutching the straps. There’s something in it.

Using the reply box at the bottom of this blog post, tell me how you think this encounter ended, and why. Don’t sugarcoat your replies; be blunt in your answer as you explain how you came up with it. You also may ask any questions, and I’ll reply to them as I read them.

Here are your options:

  1. The teenager is given a warning and told to go home
  2. The teenager is arrested
  3. The teenager is shot

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