What you might not know about ICE’s announcement regarding international students and online instruction

You likely already have learned that ICE will require international students to leave the country or transfer to another college or university if their current school offers online-only instruction this fall.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says the directive is more onerous than you might think.

Of particular concern is a stipulation saying international students won’t be exempt from the rules even if an outbreak forces their schools to move online during the fall semester.

In effect, the federal government is telling America’s college and university leaders that coronavirus is no big deal, and it doesn’t warrant suspending face-to-face instruction.

POLL: Harvard’s decision and whether it will ripple through higher education

Harvard Stadium, Cambridge, MA. Public domain photo.

You might be aware of the news from Harvard University regarding how instruction will be carried out on the campus this fall and how many students will be on campus.

I’m curious what you think of the announcement, specifically whether you think it will influence the thinking of other higher education leaders.

So, if you would, please vote on this question:

RUTGERS: We’ll be mostly online this fall

As NBC Philadelphia reports, the new president of Rutgers University has made his first major decision.

“I am writing today to inform you that after careful consideration of all possible models for safely and effectively delivering instruction during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Rutgers is planning for a Fall 2020 semester that will combine a majority of remotely delivered courses with a limited number of in-person classes,” the university’s new president Jonathan Holloway wrote Monday.

The president’s note indicated that student housing would be limited in the fall. He added that decisions for the remainder of the academic year had yet to be made.