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Kansas suspends voluntary football workouts after coronavirus outbreak

You can add another Power 5 football program that is shutting down voluntary workouts.

As the Kansas City Star reports,

KU reported Friday that 12 football players had tested positive for COVID-19, which was up from one when those athletes were originally tested on return to campus a few weeks ago.

“After the increase in positive COVID-19 tests within our football program, our medical team at Kansas Team Health has recommended discontinuing voluntary workouts immediately,” KU athletic director Jeff Long said in a release. “Our priority remains to keep our student-athletes safe and healthy, especially during this pandemic, and will follow the recommendations of our medical professionals.”

Long said KU would only resume football preparations when athletes and staff were tested again for Coronavirus following this initial 14-day quarantine.

An open letter to the Wall Street Journal

Four calls.

Two different stories.

One $36.99 charge.

Over the past 48 hours, I’ve tried four times to get a payment — which I did not authorize — returned to me.

One call ended abruptly with someone telling me I needed to call Dow Jones (mumble) and not the newspaper’s customer service department to get my question answered.

I called back. I spoke for probably 15 minutes with another representative who carefully — and professionally — tried to find an account under my name. He struck out.

Confident that the problem was soon to be solved because I’ve also been working with my bank on this issue, I awaited an update from the bank.

And then came this morning.

Sitting on my front porch was a copy of your newspaper.

I called customer service and at some point your automated system pushed me over to a customer satisfaction survey. Much like your newspaper, that was something I didn’t want.

I called again. The representative I talked to handed the call off to another woman, who informed me that not only did I have an account but that I was about to be charged another $36.99 for the month of July.

So, how about answering a few of my questions:

  1. If I had a subscription — apparently for at least one month — then please tell me why I never received a copy of your newspaper until this morning?
  2. If I had a subscription, then please tell me why there is no email account associated with it?
  3. If I had a subscription, then please tell me why at no point did I receive a (form) welcome letter or anything else from your newspaper to indicate I was a new and valued customer?
  4. If I had a subscription, then please tell me why the gentleman I talked to the other evening could find nothing? He looked under my name, and he tried my ZIP code.
  5. If I had a subscription, then what exactly did I pay for in the month of June? Remember, your newspaper that I don’t want didn’t show up until today.

The last woman I talked to today informed me that my $36.99 for June would not be refunded to me. She did cancel my account before I could be charged another $36.99.

I hope you put my $36.99 for June to good use. I received nothing for it, except wasted time.

Have a good day.

Thank you.

An Ode to Selfishness

Give me what I want

And all will be well.

Dare do something else

And I’m ready to unleash hell.

You toil longer than I ever would

But don’t you call me lazy.

You fail to see my greatness?

My God, you must be crazy.

In fact, from where I sit

I’m the smartest person around.

An outsider looking in,

Where all those critics abound.

I end with a reminder

Of what really matters most.

Me. Me. Me.

I do so proudly boast.