One bar. More than 150 coronavirus cases.

The Detroit Free Press has the story.

As of Thursday afternoon, 152 people in 13 counties around the state have been infected, said Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail. Of them, 128 reported that they were at the brewpub at some point between June 12-June 20. The rest of the cases are close contacts of those who went to the bar.

British academic: “So many damn Blacks” proves slavery wasn’t genocide

The Guardian has the details.

Discussing the debate surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, Starkey told Grimes: “Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn blacks in Africa or in Britain would there? You know, an awful lot of them survived.”

BREAKING: USC to hold almost all classes this fall online

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(Full disclosure: I earned my BA from USC)

KABC-TV has the details.

The school had previously planned to have in-person classes resume in August. But with coronavirus cases surging once again in California, school officials say they are seeking to keep students safe.

“Given the continuing safety restrictions and limited densities permissible on campus, our undergraduate students primarily or exclusively will be taking their courses online in the fall term, and on-campus housing and activities will be limited,” school officials wrote in a letter to students and staff.

“While not what we hoped, we are now recommending all undergraduates take their courses online, and reconsider living on or close to campus this semester.We are continuing with limited in-person, on-campus activity because we believe we can keep students, researchers, staff, and faculty safe with our low-density plan.”

The California State University and University of California systems have previously indicated almost all of their classes will be taught online this fall.