UT-San Antonio to cut more than 250 staff, faculty and adjunct faculty

The San Antonio Business Journal outlines the carnage coming to UT-San Antonio because of the economic fallout from coronavirus.

Budget expense reductions across essentially every area of the university will result in the elimination of more than 240 of UTSA’s 2,650 staff positions. The reduction affects 176 employees in management, administrative and other professional positions and another 67 employees in skilled labor positions. …

UTSA is also eliminating 12 tenured/tenure track faculty positions. Nearly 70 of the university’s 700-plus non-tenure track faculty will be informed that their college does not anticipate instructional need for the upcoming academic year. As these instructors are hired on a semester-by-semester basis, they could be invited back to teach at any point based on need, according to Eighmy.

Three-dozen U of Iowa faculty write open letter to students and rip administration

The Gazette has the open letter.

We think Dean Goddard, Provost Fuentes, and President Harreld should go on record to clearly, transparently and specifically explain why they treat your most essential faculty as their most disposable employees. We are calling on you to join us. Contact Dean Goddard, Provost Fuentes, President Harreld and others to demand answers about the COVID-19 budget cuts. After all, you pay their salaries, which have yet to be cut at all. If they treat faculty as disposable during this crisis, how will they treat you?