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It’s there.




It won’t leave.

Sometimes visible.

Other times a recalled memory.

Other times anticipating the next time.

Content, in its ignorance.

Happy, in its arrogance.

Loving, in its falseness.

Like a brick wall.

It won’t be moved.

Chipping away at it is futile.

A cross to bear.

For the duration.

More bad news for Massachusetts: Boston U to layoff or furlough up to 250 staff

The International Business Times has the details.

BU President Robert Brown said, however, there is the possibility some furloughed employees might be moved into other jobs in the coming weeks. Employees will be told individually about these opportunities in July.

Resorting to layoffs and furloughs came after huge cuts to expenses failed to plug the university’s huge revenue gap. Brown said cuts to operational expenses slashed the $264 million revenue shortfall by more than half. The university still has to contend with a deficit of nearly $100 million, he said.

Later, the IBT story notes

Brown revealed salaries of faculty and staff was frozen. The salaries of BU’s most senior executives were reduced by 10% to 20%, and the university’s contributions to employee retirement funds were frozen.

The news from Boston U is the latest in a string of cuts coming to Massachusetts-based colleges and universities.

Williams College: No sports for us this academic year; trims tuition by 15%

Bloomberg has the story.

The changes come “in recognition of the extraordinary circumstances and of this academic year and the uncertainty we face in the year ahead,” the Williamstown, Massachusetts, school said in a statement Monday.