BREAKING: At least 37 Clemson football players now believed to have coronavirus

CBS Sports has the details.

Clemson announced Friday that 14 football players tested positive for COVID-19 this week, bringing the program’s running tally reportedly to 37 a week after 23 players tested positive upon returning to campus last week. The 14 additional positive cases are part of 19 new cases it reported this week for all athletes. It did not identify which other sports had been affected.

In total, Clemson’s reporting shows 290 tests have been conducted among student-athletes, and 43 have returned positive results. 18 of the 43 are still classified as “active” cases.

Thankfully, none of the affected athletes has been hospitalized, according to the university.

BREAKING: EU inches closer to keeping borders closed to Americans

Reuters reports that at least two other large nations are on the no-entry list.

European Union countries failed to settle on Friday on a final “safe list” of countries whose residents could travel to the bloc from July, with the United States, Brazil and Russia set to be excluded.

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UMASS-Lowell eliminates 100 staff spots, but…

…as WBUR reports, the institution is hoping to bring back some of those workers later this year.

The staff members laid off Friday come from most parts of the university: finance, athletics, special events, and fundraising. The university said it will review their status in the fall, and they will their retain health insurance and other benefits between now and then.

Massachusetts’ public universities have suffered because of the economic fallout from coronavirus. Adjunct faculty at UMass-Boston were informed of likely widespread layoffs last month. The school also has cancelled all fall sports.

The UMass President has said his institution is in “survival mode.”

School districts throughout the state also are laying off teachers and staff.

Massachusetts remains high on the list of positive coronavirus cases and deaths from the virus.