Photo: Anthony Moretti

“Black Lives Matter” is the social movement of this part of the 21st century. Its success — and no matter the time frame, it will succeed because it’s on the right side of history — will be an important marker in making America a better country.

It should come as no surprise, however, that there are plenty of unsavory people who seek to profit from the “Lives Matter” portion of BLM. Wal-Mart deserves scorn at the moment for selling a variety of shirts that takes out “Black” and replaces it with “All,” “Blue,” “Homeless” and more.

The individuals who create such shirts lack personal ethics. The people who buy them ought to be ridiculed in public. The companies that sell them ought to be boycotted until they commit to stop selling them and to donate all monies earned from them to the BLM movement.

“It’s just a shirt,” you say. “Relax.”

Is burning the U.S. flag simply burning some fabric? Go ahead and take advantage of that absolutely legal free speech choice, and then be prepared to have the crap beaten out of you by people who will not stand for the desecration of the flag.

Mind you, if you’re going to revere the flag, then don’t wear it as a piece of clothing, such as a swimsuit, a bandana, or a tank top. You, of course, do know that you’re breaking the law by doing so, right?

Black Lives Matter. Anything done to trivialize the movement is done with intent and with an absence of ethics. Don’t be the idiot who supports such unscrupulous activity.