The Hartford Courant reports the president of the University of Connecticut delivered a sobering message to the institution’s Board of Trustees about the financial health of the university.

The proposed budget for the 2021 fiscal year, which projects a budget deficit of between $47 million and $129 million, recommends drastic measures to address the university’s staggering revenue losses. UConn’s athletic program faces a 25% subsidy reduction, academic programs with low enrollment could be reduced or eliminated and furloughs and layoffs could be a possibility.

Another report from the Hartford Courant made another point clear: UConn’s abysmal football program isn’t being touched.

UConn’s FBS football program has had a long string of losing seasons and falling attendance, however the school did not consider dropping it, or moving it to less expensive FCS status. Now operating as an independent, the program will cut travel costs, and play “guarantee games” which bring $1.5-$2 million into the program.