FULL DISCLOSURE: I earned my PhD at Ohio University, so I’m especially pained by what’s happening in Athens. The university has been a rock for so many people. I understand change happens, but the depth of the cuts seems to me go beyond muscle and into bone.

The Athens News explores the latest carnage at Ohio University, which has now commenced with its third round of layoffs.

A total of 63 classified positions, 17 administrative positions, and one hourly research position that is classified as a non-bargaining unit/unclassified have been eliminated across the university, the release stated. Of those positions, 44 are part of the university’s “administrative support reorganization” in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

“In order to create a college centralized service model, the College of Arts and Sciences will post 23 new jobs: 20 classified and 3 administrative,” Nellis said in the letter.