…the panic of March is absent.

America’s individualism is not a beneficial attribute at the moment. More and more of us refuse to wear a mask to guard against either catching or spreading the coronavirus.

Far too many of us are adamant that we will take our vacations, go to the restaurant, visit a beach or otherwise carry on as if health conditions were normal. Social distancing? A concept as understandable as rocket science for some people in blissful denial.

Far too many of us ignore the scientists and medical professionals urging caution, choosing instead to accept the drivel of reckless and amoral political leaders.

Someone suggested to me the other day that if I, or anyone else, caught coronavirus, then it was my fault. Opting not to engage the person in a conversation, I simply shook my head and moved on.

European Union leaders discussed today when they will open their borders to international travelers. Among the people they are considering keeping out: Americans.

Smart move.