Vile anti-Muslim ad in a U.S. newspaper

One of the top editors at the Tennessean is apologizing. One of his reporters is outraged. And a whole host of questions still need answers as to how a vile anti-Muslim ad appeared in the newspaper.

The New York Times has the details.

Addressed to “Dear Citizen of Nashville,” the eight-paragraph ad spanned the full length of the newspaper page, and discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Democratic Party and Sept. 11. It claimed Trump’s presidency was part of a prophecy, warned of “another civil war,” and said that “Islam is going to detonate a nuclear device” in Nashville.

New education initiative taking “SHAPE” in the U.K.; U.S. institutions might take note

9March2015, Anthony Moretti

The Guardian takes a look at “SHAPE.” Perhaps U.S. institutions ought to do the same.

Shape, or social sciences, humanities & the arts for people & the economy, is designed to encourage schoolchildren and undergraduates to view these subjects as positive steps towards a high-status career. The campaigners also aim to ensure that grant applications for research funding will be given equal priority. They argue that at the moment those subjects that enable pupils and students to develop verbal reasoning, alongside an understanding of society, the environment and culture, are dangerously undervalued.