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A concert…for plants

No, I’ve not gone off the deep end. And, no, I didn’t put anything in my soft drink or iced tea.

You read that headline correctly: A concert for plants.

The Guardian has the 411.

Attendees of the first post-lockdown concert at Barcelona’s Liceu opera house next week will not need masks or gloves, nor will they be required to observe physical distancing.

But they might like to take along a nice comfy pot and a little water to prevent their roots from drying out as a string quartet serenades them, fittingly, with Puccini’s Crisantemi (Chrysanthemums).

You want to watch. You know you want to watch. So, here’s how.

Report: 54 scientists ousted from their institutions amid possible connections to foreign governments

Inside Higher Ed has the summary, but the embedded link you’ll find below from the NIH is worth examining.

Fifty-four scientists have been fired or have resigned from their institutions in connection with an ongoing investigation by the National Institutes of Health into whether grantees are disclosing their ties with foreign governments, Science reported. The majority of cases under investigation — 93 percent — involve funding from China.

There is no full list of names provided in that link.

A few questions for the U.S. news media

Public Domain image

Do tell me, U.S. news media (and below I am sometimes referring to you as local entities and other times as national organizations), why do you…

  1. Go with wall-to-wall coverage of protests but don’t when local or statewide elections are happening?
  2. Talk the talk about objectivity but then abandon all pretense of it when covering the actions of the players on your local sports teams?
  3. Allow your upper management to engage in activities that show obvious support for a person or group but suggest such activities by your reporters screams bias?
  4. Find Black people to interview during riots but too often won’t when doing regular news coverage?
  5. Remind all of us about the latest Donald Trump tweet or otherwise shocking behavior but don’t do consistent deep dives into the signals that his health often appears to be bad?
  6. Tout your commitment to your communities but then reduce the number of journalists covering them?
  7. Beat the “Russia” drum without holding Americans to account for voting as they did?
  8. Consider as news, every single day, house fires in which no one was hurt (let’s be thankful for that) but not daily reporting on families that don’t have enough food?
  9. Wrap yourselves around the First Amendment but then wantonly limit the types of stories you’ll cover and the people you’ll interview?
  10. Abandon international news in favor of easier-to-cover domestic stories that often have little to no news value?

It wouldn’t be because hype sells, right? Or it wouldn’t be because detailed and well-researched reporting to often is frowned upon by upper management, right? Or it wouldn’t be because of the fear of losing advertising dollars, right?