UPDATE: Oklahoma State’s Hubbard APOLOGIZES for criticizing his coach; your chance to vote

UPDATE: 9:15 p.m. EDT: CBS Sports reports that the potential for a mutiny in the Oklahoma State football program appears to have ended…before it ever really started.

Said Hubbard: “I went about it the wrong way by tweeting. I’m not someone that has to tweet something to bring change. I should have went to him as a man. I’m more about action. That was bad on my part. But from now on we’re going to focus on bringing change and that’s the most important thing.” 

While I admire Hubbard for apologizing, it certainly seems to me that it ought to have been Gundy.

What do you think?

ORIGINAL POST: Mike Gundy soon will be out as the head football coach at Oklahoma State University.

His sin: Wearing an OAN t-shirt in public.

OAN is One America News, where a loonie bin of conspiracy theories is passed off as real news. It’s Donald Trump’s new favorite “news” source, if that tells you anything.

Gundy’s decision to wear an OAN shirt outraged his star player. Now that player, running back Chuba Hubbard, wants “CHANGE.” ESPN picks up the story from there.

“I will not stand for this,” Hubbard posted on the day in which Cowboys players were scheduled to begin voluntary workouts on campus. “This is completely insensitive to everything going on in society, and it’s unacceptable.”

Hubbard says he will boycott the university. Several other Cowboys’ player say they’re 100% behind Hubbard, who is considered one of college football’s best running backs.

Presuming Hubbard and the players don’t back down, Gundy is gone. Take away the team’s top players and Oklahoma State’s chances for success in 2020 crater. Spin it forward and Gundy’s chances for success in subsequent years also would be neutered if top African-American high school football players refuse to play for him.

Prediction: Gundy gets kicked to the curb, but he’ll be paid the full amount of his contract.

Wright State University eliminates 50 jobs

The Dayton Daily News reports the Wright State University community received bad news today.

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce, beginning today, we will commence notification of involuntary position eliminations,” WSU President Sue Edwards said in the email. “This will impact approximately 50 occupied positions on our campuses. Some will not have contracts renewed, some are retiring, while others will be provided notice and/or other applicable options.”

The baseball fan’s nightmare

Baseball fans, I’ve got some potentially bad news.

We could be entering a three-year window in which there is no full baseball season. The next 162-game regular season might not happen until 2023.

Yes, 2023.

Selfishness and greed are the reasons. The owners and players deserve the blame.

We know 2020 already is going to be watered down, if it happens at all.

Now we need to remember that the current Collective Bargaining Agreement ends in December 2021. However, the players’ union already is on record saying a strike could happen at some point next season.

Let’s imagine the strike wiping out the remainder of the 2021 season (anyone else old enough to remember 1994?) and the owners then retaliating by locking out the players ensuring that there likely won’t be a deal in time to start the 2022 season when it should.

Considering the boneheaded way the owners and players handled how to structure the 2020 season and the evident animosity between the two sides would anyone be surprised?

Three straight seasons.