You can add ZOOM to the list of company’s that will talk the talk about free speech but then will cave to China’s demands about silencing free speech.

The Guardian has the details.

Three prominent human rights activists have accused Zoom of disrupting or shutting down their accounts because they were linked to events to mark the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen massacre or were to discuss China’s measures to exert control over Hong Kong. …

Zoom said in a statement that it “must comply with laws in the countries where we operate”. It said: “We regret that a few recent meetings with participants both inside and outside of China were negatively impacted and important conversations were disrupted.” 

Zoom added that it was not in the company’s power “to change the laws of governments opposed to free speech”. It said it was “committed to modifying its processes to further protect its users from those who wish to stifle their communications”.

Please stifle your laugh as you read that last sentence.