The Telegraph: IOC says any athlete who takes a knee at Olympics faces ban

According to the Telegraph,

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) published guidelines in January banning any form of protest at the Tokyo Games – including taking a knee, raising a fist or refusing to follow protocol at medal ceremonies – and confirmed to Telegraph Sport on Tuesday that “the guidelines are still in place”.

Now, before you prepare to fly to Tok…no, wait, we can’t do that these days.

But before you choose to call the IOC’s decision stupid (or something close to it), remember that the IOC has consistently affirmed that the Olympics must be above political taint; instead, they are mere opportunities for athletes to gather for the fun and love of sport.

(Insert laugh track here.)

Okay, now you may tell the IOC exactly what you think.

MLB owners prepare to blame players for lost season

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 20Jun2018

The location: MLB offices in New York City

The actor: MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, speaking into one television camera

The date: On or approximately June 16

“Thank you for joining me today. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that there will be no Major League Baseball in 2020.

“Despite the best efforts of the owners to come up with reasonable proposals that would benefit all parties — and guarantee the fans what they want most: baseball — the players refused to play ball.

“I repeat: The players refused to play ball. And that’s because their representatives agreed to something in March and then tried to walk away from it.

“The players will tell you in the coming hours that they had agreed to a one-time salary rollback in March. That is not true. It was clear then that another salary reduction would be necessary if the 2020 season would have to be played without fans in the stands. It didn’t take long for both sides to realize that was inevitable; the health conditions surrounding coronavirus remain too unpredictable for us to risk the health and safety of our great fans by allowing them into the ballparks across the U.S. and in Canada.

“In trying to cover up their mistake, the players‘ negotiators refused to bargain in good faith over the past few weeks; they were interested more in deflecting blame from themselves rather than working to ensure a 2020 season would be played.

”They will try to convince you that the owners were trying to take money out of their pockets.

“That is far from the truth.

“To the great fans, I am so very sorry that you won’t be able to watch your favorite players and teams this year. You have suffered so much because of coronavirus, and I know the owners were very eager to give you baseball.

“The players’ reps had a different agenda.”

Saudi Arabia: The “office era” might be ending (at least in that country)

The Saudi Gazette has the details.

Saudi Arabia has begun implementing a multi-phased plan for the return of life to normal after easing curfew restrictions in a gradual manner. However, the continuation of remote work would reinforce the Kingdom’s move to benefit from its digital architecture.

There are several reasons attributed to this. These include expectations of companies to earn revenues through cost cutting in exchange for obtaining the same productivity from their employees working remotely from their homes.