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FCC: No objection to U.S. media properties being 100% foreign owned

You read that correctly.

The FCC has ruled that Cumulus, which operates 424 radio stations in 87 U.S. markets, can be owned up to 100 percent by a foreign company (and, yes, that means a foreign government). Cumulus had been seeking such approval as it tries to claw out from bankruptcy.

Cumulus’ petition to the FCC was unopposed, which might be more frightening than the ruling itself. Previously, no U.S.-based media property could be more than 25 percent foreign owned.

The laissez-faire nonsensical argument here is that the market will decide whether a radio (or television) station succeeds or fails. That’s crap. This is not about the market; this is about a constant drumbeat of potential anti-American messages filtering into U.S. homes.

Remember how the Soviet Union tried to jam Voice of America signals during the Cold War? This is the opposite: The FCC ruling welcomes unchecked foreign interference. The propaganda spewed by FOX News matches the worst “fake news” any foreign-owned television news operation emanating from anywhere in the world does as it broadcasts into U.S. homes via cable, satellite or the web. It will only get worse (no) thanks to the FCC.

Where is the logic in the Trump administration standing by and allowing this to happen? Is it not interested in making AMERICA great again? Under what pretense does opening the door to wholly foreign-owned media operations align with MAGA?

Or is this all part of the uncomfortable sense too many people have that Trump is doing the bidding of another government?

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