The decline of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette appears complete.

Getting rid of a popular cartoonist who criticized Donald Trump, posting editorials equating racism with “reason” and refusing to raise union salaries for more than a decade had the paper on an out-of-control race to hell.

To John Robinson Block, the paper’s publisher, I say: You’ve now arrived at your destination.

The Washington Post exposes what’s been discussed here in Pittsburgh over the past week.

With the country gripped by an anti-racism uprising, what’s been unfolding inside the Pittsburgh newspaper has underscored one of the fundamental challenges American media faces with its coverage: a lack of diverse voices, including of black journalists, in newsrooms. It has also laid bare the challenges of trying to change that.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editors did not respond to The Post’s request for comment.

There’s no reason to support the paper any longer. Let’s hope Block does the honorable thing and sells the paper. To this point, he remains committed to slowly killing it, much like a deranged cop would keep a knee on the back of a suspect’s neck.