Act 1: Buffalo police officer shoves to the ground an unarmed 75-year old man who had approached him.

Act 2: Man falls backward, hits head on sidewalk and is knocked out. A blood pool is evident.

Act 3: Officers are suspended for their actions.

Act 4: 57 other officers resign in protest…of the suspensions. (Technically, they resigned as members of a special unit, but they did not resign from the force. How convenient.)

The Guardian picks up the story from there.

”Why? Why was that necessary? Where was the threat?” asked the New Yorkgovernor, Andrew Cuomo, at his daily briefing on Friday, saying he had spoken to Gugino. “It’s just fundamentally offensive and frightening. How did we get to this place?”

But the local police union boss defended his officers. “Fifty-seven resigned in disgust because of the treatment of two of their members, who were simply executing orders,” said John Evans, PBA president, according to WGRZ.

“Simply executing orders.”

Remember those three words. What kind of orders are consistent with shoving innocent civilians. Worse, why didn’t the officer who pushed him immediately come to his aid?

Well, if 57 police officers can protest, so can I. You won’t be seeing me visiting Buffalo anytime soon.