Photo: Anthony Moretti, 20Jun2018

If a report from the Associated Press proves accurate, then the likelihood of any kind of 2020 Major League Baseball season is not good.

Let’s hope today’s news is a mere negotiating tactic. I want to believe it is, but I’ve also seen baseball’s greedy morons break my heart before (see 1981 and 1994 as just two examples).

Should we be surprised that the owners refuse to consider a 114-game regular season, which the players want, and the players refuse to consider a 50-game regular season, which the owners want?

Yes, common sense says split the difference and make it a roughly 80-game season.

But this difference of opinion involves baseball, a sport that always seems doomed to screw up labor negotiations.

If the 2020 season ends before it ever began, a pox on both your houses. May all of you hang your heads in shame. And may you both find loud and sustained boos as you try to spin this colossal error as the other side’s fault.

Good riddance.