China (justifiably) mocks the United States

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As the New York Times reports, China is using the bitter unrest in the U.S. to tout its stability at home.

”This situation in the U.S. will make more Chinese people support the Chinese government in its efforts to denounce and counter America,” Song Guoyou, a scholar at Fudan University in Shanghai, said in an interview. “The moral ground of the United States is indeed greatly weakened.”

An open letter to Vice President Mike Pence

Mr. Vice President,

It’s time to submit your resignation.

The President of the United States has mocked the faith. For you, that has to be the proverbial red line.

If you are the man of faith you say you are, then you know Christians are called upon to defend the faith whenever it is defiled. Our faith tells us that God always will protect the person who defends Christianity.

The president is no Christian, but you‘ve stood beside him as the loyal Vice President should. But yesterday (and again today), he has used the faith in a way that can only be defined as sacrilege.

You cannot tolerate that if you are the true Christian you claim to be.

You must make clear you no longer can work with Trump. Pray for him, if you wish; work alongside him, you can’t. You know that.

You must resign.

Your God is watching.