The recent protests destroyed Amy Klobuchar’s VP aspirations; have Susan Rice’s died, too?

Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar’s dreams of being Joe Biden’s running mate appear dead. When news broke last week of Klobuchar’s record of dealing with police brutality when she was a prosecutor, she became too toxic for liberal and African-American voters, which Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee, must overwhelmingly gain support from if he’s to win in November.

Klobuchar’s own presidential campaign ended a couple of months ago, but she was gaining traction as a possible running mate because she appeared compatible with Biden’s preferred moderate policies.

Time for Biden to look elsewhere. Enter Susan Rice.

The death of George Floyd at the hands/knee of a Minneapolis cop and the (often violent) protests that have followed also might have doomed Susan Rice’s opportunity to run with Biden. Or have they actually increased because she hit the right note for those on the left?

Rice was a guest on a cable news program a couple of days ago when she suggested the protests in the U.S. could have come right out of ”the Russian playbook.” Of course, Rice was not asked to explain her comment by the compliant interviewer, but she might have been referencing a New York Times’ story alleging the Kremlin is eager to sow racial discord in the U.S. in the lead up to the November election. One person quoted in the newspaper’s report said,

“To put it simply, in this space, Russia wants to watch us tear ourselves apart.”

If Rice was looking to score political points with Democrats, she succeeded.

You’ll recall Rice was Barack Obama’s national security adviser (among other roles she had during his 8 years in office). She’s a compelling option as a running mate: a smart, experienced, well-liked, respected, African-American woman, and we know Biden is committed to having a high-ranking African-American woman in his Cabinet or on the Supreme Court.

Rice is the latest person to trot out the “Russia did it” trope. For Democrats, the hacking/interference/involvement of the Kremlin in the 2016 presidential election is a narrative they can’t get let go of, and their anger has only increased because a detailed report from Robert Mueller found any ties between the Russians and the Trump campaign weren’t provable.

The left’s dream of impeachment turned into a nightmare with Mueller’s report.

A reminder to everyone who dislikes what the Russians are/might be doing: An informed voter will take the time to assess the candidates and make a rational choice when stepping into the voting booth. The “I-like-memes-especially-when-they-support-what-I-think” voter will continue to be swayed by garbage, no matter the source of such useless information or its purpose.

If memes — and we won’t even bother talking about the special interests’ money that dominates American politics and is fare more damaging to democracy — determine who wins November’s presidential election, then every American citizen will deal with the effects.

If that means a repeat of the 2016 election results, then don’t blame the Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans or any other nation. No, blame the voter who refused to be a responsible citizen by being knowledgeable.

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