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How will your fall classes be delivered?

A simple poll to close out the week.


America careens ever closer to the cliff under Trump

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017

Minneapolis is burning.

The president has nothing to say about it.

A police officer has been arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder after suffocating a man to death.

The president has nothing to say about it.

The death toll in America from coronavirus has exceeded 100,000.

The president has nothing to say about it.

Instead, the Dictator-in-Chief unleashes a tirade on the World Health Organization, effectively calling it a tool of the Chinese. He then says he’ll seek new economic penalties on China.

He disgraces the Office of the President of the United States each day. Worse, his delusional rants on Twitter and his often unintelligible public statements inch America closer to a possible hot war with one or more nations.

America’s international embarrassment must end in November, or the country as it has existed as, flaws and all, will not be recognizable after he completes a second term.

America: What a mess

Photo: Anthony Moretti 18July2016

Everything wrong with America is on full display right now in Minneapolis.

A rogue white cop kills a black man amid accusations he might have passed off a fake $20 as real minutes earlier at a nearby convenience store. The black man is arrested and put in handcuffs, though it’s unclear exactly what threat he posed. Soon the man is on the ground, and the rogue cop puts, and keeps, his knee on the back of the man’s neck, in effect suffocating him until he dies.

Police brutality. Full stop.

The pent up and justified anger of people — white and black — fed up with the treatment of African-Americans, especially men, at the hands of police explodes.

Peaceful protests, the right way to show disgust, quickly gives way to rioting and looting. Innocent men and women, business owners and employees, stand to lose their careers because a small number of people turn to violence.

Looting is unlawful. Full stop.

For some reason, the four officers, all of whom are white, involved in the death of the black man have yet to be arrested.

A CNN journalist, who is not white, is. His crime? Doing his job.

Arresting journalists who are following the law while doing their job is wrong. Full stop.

The dictator-in-chief takes to Twitter to affirm that he’s all in favor of the looters being shot.

Idiotic (non-)presidential behavior. Full stop.

Nothing in this account is consistent with the simplistic myth that permeates throughout this country that America is the best nation in the world. Racism is never far from the surface all over the land. Chronic poverty is not addressed all over the land. Respect for the rule of law is absent all over the land. Corruption, under the guise of legislation, exists, and most especially in federal policies that benefit wealthy corporations over individual citizens.

Spare me the nonsensical responses that say “if you don’t like America, leave it.” Instead, acknowledge that the privilege that comes with being white in the United States also carries the responsibility to affirm that we have the power, because of our skin color, to improve the lives of everyone.

We can choose to acknowledge that power, or we can pretend that “those” people are responsible for taking care of themselves. We can demand a fairer economic, legal and educational system. We can, dare I say, make America great.

Or we can unfriend people on social media and claim an air of superiority.