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Will quarantine fatigue give way to a second coronavirus wave in the u.s?

The Guardian reports that millions of Americans stubbornly refuse to listen to the warnings about protecting themselves from coronavirus, and that arrogance might lead to a second wave of illnesses.

Social scientists at Northwestern University have surveyed 200 people per day since mid-March, and have found that unlike in other disasters, the US is not unifying in response to this crisis.

“It has been a solidarity- and trust-destroying disaster,” said Beth Redbird, the primary researcher. “We usually see disasters as unifying. They bring us together, they unite us, they increase support for our neighbors, to help each other out. But while we see anecdotal stories of that in the press, we haven’t actually seen a lot of data supporting that that’s what’s going on.”

Fairmont State university cuts music, theater majors

WVNews.com has the details.

According to a release from the university, the academic programs will continue through the next academic year as faculty members work on a program teach-out to ensure that most current majors can graduate in their chosen discipline.