Faculty union: U of Akron planning to chop faculty jobs

According to Cleveland.com, 

The Akron chapter of the American Association of University Professors, or AAUP, said Thursday in a statement that UA has invoked the contract’s “force majeure” clause, which says that “unforeseen, uncontrolled and catastrophic circumstances” beyond the control of the university could make implementing parts of the bargaining agreement impossible or unfeasible.

NY TIMES: China eyes another crackdown in Hong Kong

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The New York Times reports China is ready to use the legislative pen to silence unrest in Hong Kong.

In a clear effort to head off international concerns, China’s foreign ministry sent a letter on Thursday night to ambassadors posted to Beijing, urging them to support the legislation and laying out the government’s position.

“The opposition in Hong Kong have long colluded with external forces to carry out acts of secession, subversion, infiltration and destruction against the Chinese mainland,” the letter said.

Kean University cuts four academic programs

According to New Jersey’s News 12, four programs will be axed.

Music is one.

The university is also cutting the theater education major and majors in sustainability science and economics. Some professors and office managers will be laid off.

Music professor Matt Halper calls the cuts “heartbreaking.”

“It is really like being cut off from family, from a long-term relationship,” he says.