Wyoming House refuses to support major education cuts

According to the Casper Star Tribune,

Under the proposal, the governor would have had significant leeway to dip into the state’s school foundation account and reduce UW’s budget by up to 25 percent in an effort to balance the budget.

Southern Utah University president to work for free next academic year

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 29May2016

According to KSL-TV,

“I mentioned during our April 16th virtual forum that I would be the first layoff. Meaning, I will go without a salary if layoffs become necessary. They are now necessary and I am holding to that commitment,” Wyatt wrote to staff in an email obtained by KSL.com on Friday. “I have had others reach out to me with offers to help with a temporary salary reduction, early retirement, or willingness to take on additional responsibilities. Everything will help.”

Wyatt is the highest-paid employee at the university. KSL NewsRadio reported in 2018 that his base salary was $274,000 that year.

NY TIMES: Is Saudi “vision” for future dead?

The New York Times offers a critical look at Saudi Arabia, suggesting that the economic fallout from coronavirus plus other questionable economic decisions will significantly change the country.

“We’re really worried,” said Abdulrahman, a 52-year-old trader in car parts and construction materials in Riyadh who, like many Saudis, asked to be identified only by first name to speak openly about government policy. “The ultimate suffering is going to the end users. The middle and lower class will suffer a lot from this.”