British educator: Opposition to reopening schools “rather middle class”

St. George’s Hall, Liverpool, 13March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

According to the Guardian,

The British Medical Association has thrown its weight behind teaching unions opposing the government’s push to reopen schools in England, as the debate over millions of pupils returning to classrooms grew increasingly acrimonious.

Three letters. But the order of placement matters.

I tuned into a webinar, in which the presenters discussed the importance of hope and optimism throughout higher education as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

One presenter said something that caught my eye. She noted that the same three Arabic letters spell the words “hope” and “pain,” and the order in which you placed the letters made all the difference.

Here’s the proof:

HOPE: أمل

PAIN: ألم

Bye bye baseball (at Bowling Green State University)

Wrigley Field, Chicago. Public domain photo.

One day after the University of Akron cut three sports because of the economic fallout from coronavirus, another Mid-American Conference school has eliminated a sport.

As the Associated Press reports,

The school says it’s reducing its athletic budget by $2 million.

“This is a very difficult, but necessary, decision,” athletic director Bob Moosbrugger said. “As a baseball alumnus, my heart breaks for the families affected by this decision.”