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BREAKING: University of Akron cuts three sports and will trim $4.4-million from athletics

The Associated Press reports

The loss of the three sports at Akron affects 23 male and nine female student-athletes, three coaches and one graduate assistant coach. The school will now have 17 sports — seven men’s, 10 women’s — and the Zips will remain a member of the Mid-American Conference, which earlier this week announced it is eliminating postseason tournaments in eight sports, including baseball and softball.

Horrible news: Missouri Western cuts faculty, programs

Readers: I think the decision made at Missouri Western is the most significant cut to faculty and programs any institution has made in response to the economic fallout from coronavirus. Please let me know if that’s wrong.

Inside Higher Ed outlines what’s happening at Missouri Western.

The institution is laying off 31 nontenured instructors, including some on the tenure track, at the end of this year. Twenty remaining professors will receive terminal, one-year contracts, meaning that about one-quarter of the full-time faculty will be gone by 2021. Others will take early retirement. Dozens of majors, minors and concentrations are being cut, too, including English, history, philosophy, political science, economics, sociology, Spanish, French and the arts.

UMass-Boston delivers bad news to many faculty

As WBUR reports,

About half the non-tenure-track faculty at UMass Boston are getting notices that they may not have jobs this fall.

The notices come as universities struggle to figure out whether they will be able to open campuses in the fall and how many students will enroll either on campus or online.

Faculty may still be rehired before the fall. But the incoming president of the Faculty Staff Union, Steve Striffler, said the notices are a hard blow for people who made the campus’s transition to online learning possible.


St. Edward’s University cuts faculty and staff

According to KXAN-TV,

It’s unclear the exact number of people who have been impacted because the university will not release a total number of employees. It did say some non-tenure track, visiting faculty appointments and academic contracts were not continued.

Trump kicks CDC to curb; politics supersedes science

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017

As the Guardian reports, politics is in — and science is out — when Donald Trump talks about coronavirus.

For the first time since 1946, when the CDC flickered to life in a cramped Atlanta office with a brief to fight malaria, the agency is not at the frontline of a public health emergency in the US.

The low profile of the CDC has caused “frustration and some embarrassmen”, according to Jeffrey Koplan, the director of the CDC under Bill Clinton and George W Bush. “It’s like you’re an accomplished violinist playing in a quartet and you’re told you can’t use your right arm. That’s the feeling.”