According to the Philadelphia Business Journal,

Every unit across the university was told to reduce spending “as much and as quickly as possible” as it is planning a 5% budget cut beginning July 1, Englert said. Officers, deans and advisors to the president will see their salaries cut by 10% beginning in May. Non-union employees who make more than $100,000 will see a 5% reduction in pay. Englert’s own salary, which a spokesman said was $800,000, was cut 20%.

While he said those cuts are “intended to be temporary,” they’ll stay in place until further notice.

Still, he said, the university has avoided the need for furloughs at this time as it understands the “painful impact furloughs would have on our staff, some of whom are the sole wage-earners in their families,” he wrote. “The cost of taking such an action at this time is simply too high.”