Kim Jong Un, Public Domain Image

2nd UPDATE: 7:25 p.m. EDT (May 1) The latest story from Yonhap includes a photo of Kim.

1st UPDATE: 7:15 p.m. EDT (May 1): Yonhap’s updated story notes

“All the participants broke into thunderous cheers of ‘hurrah!’ extending the greatest glory to the Supreme Leader who has brought about a new change in the development of Juche-based fertilizer industry and has led the grand revolutionary advance for strengthening self-supporting economy to a victory with his outstanding leadership,” KCNA said.

ORIGINAL POST: Yonhap reports

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has made his firs public appearance after 20 days of absence, contradicting rumors about his health, state media showed on Saturday.

Kim attended a ceremony marking the completion of a fertilizer plant in Sunchon, South Phyongan Province, according to the media.