China adjusts its coronavirus death toll; critics say cover up exposed

Public Domain image

Reuters notes the Chinese government has increased its reported death toll from Wuhan, where coronavirus was first detected. And the critics are quick to say “told you so!”

Nearly 1,300 people who died of the coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, or half the total, were not counted in death tolls because of lapses, state media said on Friday, but Beijing dismissed claims that there had been any kind of cover-up.

A simple question to you conspiracy theorists: If there was a cover up, why fix it now? Do you really think the Chinese government is going to bow to international pressure to correct a death toll? Or perhaps you’re going to tell me that today’s “news” was a carefully planned shell game to make the government appear to be honest brokers on the world stage.

Neither you nor I possess any evidence to suggest today’s news is anything more than an admission that early reporting was flawed. So take your conspiracy theories and go away.

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