INSIDE HIGHER ED: A set of demographics data that college faculty must know

Inside Higher Ed has an interesting story about the challenges many college faculty might face in the 21st century world. One challenge that cannot be overlooked: an incorrect perception of who their students are.

Here’s an excerpt that will open your eyes:

The numbers are clear: 37 percent of today’s students are older than 25, according to information collected by Higher Learning Advocates. Almost two-thirds, 64 percent, work while in college. Another quarter or so are parenting. About half, 49 percent, are financially independent.

Almost one in three, 31 percent, live at or below the federal poverty level.


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  1. Those statistics need to distinguish between students at four-year institutions and those at two-year institutions. There’s a significant difference. Even a four-year university that you know is heavy on undergraduates over 25, say Governor’s State in Illinois, has less than 37% over 25. (GSU’s over-25 population is 34%.)

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