We know the value of ZOOM, the popular video and audio chat conferencing platform. But we also know that trolls are eager to disrupt this easy-to-use communication tool. Zoombombing happens when some group gains access to a meeting and takes it over with racist and other ugly messages.

A video conference I was listening in on early Monday afternoon fell victim to zoom bombers, and their actions caused the webinar to shut down. The bombers won.

Thankfully, help is on the way.

Inside Higher Ed reports the FBI has some hints to take bombers out of action.

  • Don’t make meetings public. Zoom lets users make meetings private by requiring a meeting password or using a waiting room feature to control who’s admitted.
  • Don’t share a link to the meeting on a public social media post. Send the link to people directly.
  • Change the screen-sharing option in Zoom to “host only.”
  • Ask people to use the latest updated version of Zoom.
  • Ensure your organization’s telework policy addresses requirements for information security.