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NY TIMES: Coronavirus surges in Pakistan, and signs of worry are not evident

Flag of Pakistan; Wikipedia

As the New York Times notes,

Pakistan is facing its biggest challenge ever: how to mobilize its broken state as the number of coronavirus cases rapidly spreads in the world’s fifth most populous country.

More than ever, the epidemic is showcasing weaknesses in the government, and the tensions between it and the country’s powerful military. Many within the country’s clerical establishment have refused to help, rejecting calls to limit mosque gatherings and bringing together at least 150,000 clerics from around the world this month in a religious gathering that helped spread the virus.

Who will be the president’s next target?

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017

When Donald Trump recently said, “No, I don’t take responsibility at all” for how he has handled the coronavirus response in the United States, he most definitely was speaking the truth.

Those few words were an important reminder to all of us that he never has to take responsibility for anything because he is never wrong.

The spite- and hate-filled media that want to take him down? His criticism of those badly behaving journalists who question what he is doing remains an absolute necessity. Of course, all journalists should stand with Trump in his monumentally challenging attempt to remake America into…well, something. To question the leader is simply unpatriotic, and we can’t have that in North Kor…uh, I mean the United States.

We also can’t have Muslims. Thankfully, Trump was absolutely right in his vile effort to ban Muslims from entering the United States; obviously, all Muslims are terrorists who are determined to destroy the Unites States. Remain ever vigilant, my fellow Americans!

And Trump really nailed it by calling coronavirus the “Chinese virus.” Can we doubt for a minute those mean Communists want to damage the health and well-being of millions of people around the world? Undermine the entire capitalist system with one bug, and, presto, we might all find Communism enticing!

The nation was highly enriched when Trump reminded us that there were “good people” on both sides of the racism debate. I’m convinced anti-Semites would be wonderful neighbors all because the president suggested they might be good folks. What a relief!

I cannot wait to see who Trump verbally attacks next, as he continues to tell no lies. How lucky we are in these dangerous times to have his unique leadership.

BREAKING: NY TIMES: China to halt international flights into country

Public Domain image

As the New York Times reports,

Worried that international travelers might trigger a second wave of coronavirus infections, China announced late Thursday night that it was suspending practically all entry to the country by foreigners and was halting almost all international passenger flights as well.

The announcement came after official Chinese data indicated that the country had almost completely halted domestic transmission of the virus but was struggling to handle a growing number of people who were infected overseas.

JOURNALISM UK: Indie media in U.K. in bad financial shape

Liverpool, 9March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

According to Journalism.co.uk,

The organisation is worried that unless these local newsrooms receive an emergency funding, “communities across the UK will lose their independent press at a time when they need it most,” reads the letter.

“Because advertising has disappeared overnight, their main revenue has disappeared overnight,” Emma Meese, director, ICNN, told Journalism.co.uk.

“If nothing happens, these independent publishers will get squeezed out first.”

DAWN: I’m still quarantined in China; here’s what I know

Flag of Pakistan; Wikipedia

A Pakistani student who is studying in China reports what being at the center of the coronavirus outbreak is like.

Throughout my time in quarantine here, I had hoped that the world would take heed from China’s experience. A Chinese friend posted a narration from the Prophet (peace be upon him) in which he prohibits entering and leaving a land under a plague outbreak. I contemplate whether this global catastrophe could have been averted with travel bans, whether Pakistan would have any cases today if it had followed through. At this point, the importance of acting as a collective and cooperating with the government cannot be overstated.