Flag of Japan, public domain image

Please keep in mind that the International Olympic Committee showed zero leadership and common sense in the lead up to this decision. It was not until Canada promised to pull its team from the Games, and other nations began hinting at the same, that the IOC acted.

Pitiful display of leadership. The decision to postpone was made because, in effect, there might have been no A-grade product to sell, and not in the interest of public health.

Now, onto the news…

As the Associated Press reports,

IOC President Thomas Bach has agreed “100%” to a proposal of postponing the Tokyo Olympics for about one year until 2021 because of the coronavirus outbreak, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tuesday.

Abe said after his telephone talks with Bach that he

requested a postponement “taking into consideration the current circumstances” and to secure an environment in which athletes can perform at their best and crowds can be safe and secure.