(ICYMI) The irresponsible race-baiting rhetoric from the Trump administration

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 27May2017

As I write this, there have been almost 200,000 documented cases of coronavirus, or COVID-19, all over the world.

The death toll from this horrible virus is nearing 8,000.

Those figures you just read will increase in the coming days. (You can track the most updated numbers here.)

The Trump administration, which until yesterday had been ridiculously irresponsible in its actions pertaining to the coronavirus, remains resolute in its racist messaging about it.

Donald Trump is determined to call coronavirus the “Chinese virus” and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to refer to it as the “Wuhan virus,” a reference to the location in China where the first cases were discovered.

This administration wants to stoke racism. It wants the world to hate China. It wants everyone to believe that the Chinese are vial people and eager to kill people all over the world.

This is crass. This is irresponsible. This is stupid.

And these types of messages are consistent with this embarrassing administration; Trump asserts anywhere and everywhere he can that America is some sort of utopian land, where only good (white) people live and where amazing business opportunities await (those who have money).

Such folly.

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