I must blame you

Truly, I must blame you whenever something goes wrong

Really, I am perfect. I have knowledge, the best knowledge.

Under the sun or moon, none of you can beat me

My people call me great, and they speak the truth so well

Probably that’s why you hate me, but I don’t know

So I know that means that what goes wrong was caused by you

Undeniably, you want me to fail, so that my greatness will suffer

Come on! I can say that it never will

Know that you cannot beat me

Superior, am I

AP: Italy shuts down one quarter of country amid coronavirus epidemic

As the Associated Press notes,

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a decree after midnight that imposes restrictions to the movement of people in the region of Lombardy and in at least 15 provinces, home to more than 16 million people. The measures will be in place until April 3.

“For Lombardy and for the other northern provinces that I have listed there will be a ban for everybody to move in and out of these territories and also within the same territory,” Conte said. “Exceptions will be allowed only for proven professional needs, exceptional cases and health issues.”