(ICYMI) And there it goes

And there it goes, making not a sound

Traveling through the air, destination uncertain

All around, people wait; their eyes get bigger

Its arrival will be met with smiles and frowns just because of what the people want

It wants for nothing, ever

Crazy, if you think about it; in fact, madness

(ICYMI) CNN: Mormon Church blasts BYU, students for honor code update that supports homosexuality

According to CNN,

The announcement came in a letter penned by Elder Paul V. Johnson, the commissioner of the church’s educational system. It was sent to all the students and employees at Mormon-owned schools, according to BYU, which tweeted out the letter.
“The moral standards of the Church did not change with the recent release of the General Handbook or the updated Honor Code,” Johnson wrote. “Same-sex behavior cannot lead to eternal marriage and is therefore not compatible with the principles included in the Honor Code.”