A conspiracy against Sanders?!?!

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 27May2017

The Bernie Sanders contingent is in an uproar.

Hmmm…let’s take a look at their argument.

They appear convinced that the decisions by moderate Democrats Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar to exit the presidential race is all about denying their beloved Sanders the party’s nomination for president.


Let’s admit, Buttigieg and Klobuchar’s exits do free up the metaphorical middle lane for Joe Biden to ride through without any opposition. That should guarantee Biden, who was Barack Obama’s Vice President, can rack up delegates at a rapid pace.

Nothing controversial there.


Why is Elizabeth Warren not dropping out? As long as she is sharing the metaphorical left lane with Sanders, he might not gather as many delegates as he’d like. If Warren has been promised something by the party (or if she simply loathes Sanders), then the controversy will have some legs.

Biden remains the much better choice, in any match up between he and Sanders. So maybe Warren remaining exactly where she is is a great idea.

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