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REUTERS: Atlanta United star Martinez has torn ACL

Atlanta United star forward Josef Martinez has a torn ACL in his right knee and will have surgery, the team announced Sunday evening. Read More

via Atlanta United star Martinez has torn ACL — National Post

(ICYMI) Russia!

The Kremlin’s walls


There, but only once

Enthralled, but not deeply enough

Captivated, but incompletely

Awed, but insufficiently

To you, Russia, I someday must return

For now, memories sustain me

NATIONAL POST: Turkish police briefly detain Russia’s Sputnik Turkiye editor-in-chief

cropped-dscn67691.jpgMOSCOW — Turkish police on Sunday detained the editor-in-chief of Russia’s Sputnik Turkiye news agency in Istanbul, the global head of the state-run agency said, but he was released after a phone call between the foreign ministers of the two countries. Read More

via Turkish police briefly detain Russia’s Sputnik Turkiye editor-in-chief — National Post

(Thankfully, the editor was not treated like Anna Politkovskaya was, when those “thugs” attacked a few hours earlier)

GUARDIAN: Muslims in India beaten, burnt alive

Flag of India, Wikipedia

The Guardian report is not an easy read.

The violence raged across the north-east of India’s capital for four days as mosques were set alight, Muslims were burned alive in their homes or dragged out into the streets and lynched. Muslim businesses and property were also set alight. In streets where Hindus and Muslims had lived peacefully side by side, bodies lay bloodied alongside discarded and burned-out cars, bikes, shattered glass and smouldering shopfronts. The police have been accused of enabling, encouraging or even joining in with Hindu mobs.

BREAKING: GUARDIAN: Leading epidemiologist fears coronavirus will become pandemic. Soon.

According to the Guardian, epidemiologist Jonathan Quick says,

The worst-case scenario is looking increasingly likely. We’ve now seen cases on six continents, apparently “silent” – that is, at least partly asymptomatic – chains of human-to-human transmission both inside and outside China, with additional countries reporting cases within the last week – bringing the total to 47 – and new, accelerating outbreaks in Iran, Italy and South Korea. If it becomes a pandemic, the questions are, how bad will it get and how long will it last? The case fatality rate – the proportion of cases that are fatal – has been just over 2%, much less than it was for Sars, but 20 times that of seasonal flu.