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They did not care

They did not care

When the bug was over there

That’s their problem

Nothing to fear over here

They did not worry

When the bug spread

That’s their problem, and their problem, too

Nothing to fear over here

They do care

Now that the bug is here and it’s causing

A financial problem

That’s what they care about

A thousand people drop matters less than

A thousand point drop

Unfair, they scream

We care, they cry

Of course, you do








(ICYMI) Russia

The Kremlin’s walls


There, but only once

Enthralled, but not deeply enough

Captivated, but incompletely

Awed, but insufficiently

To you, Russia, I someday must return

For now, memories sustain me

(ICYMI) It comes

Photo: Anthony Moretti, 3June2016

It comes

Without warning, without a sound

Yet we know it’s everywhere


Eager to meet you, to join you, to enter you, to define you

Maybe to destroy you

It might, or it might not succeed

We won’t know until we know, and by the it’s too late

Be alert for you do not know when it will strike

TIME: China Postpones National People’s Congress Meetings Due to Coronavirus


Photo: Anthony Moretti 1Aug2015

(BEIJING) — China announced Monday it has postponed its most important political meetings of the year because of the outbreak of the new virus, a significant step for an authoritarian government that has always kept tight control over its political calendar. The decision indicates the importance that President Xi Jinping places on the battle against…

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