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The Kremlin’s walls


There, but only once

Enthralled, but not deeply enough

Captivated, but incompletely

Awed, but insufficiently

To you, Russia, I someday must return

For now, memories sustain me

The sun set

Photo: Anthony Moretti

The sun set where I am

As it rose somewhere else

Seconds become minutes become hours become days

And it is good

(ICYMI) I waited

I waited

For my moment

To touch greatness

For that chance to grab the so-called brass ring

To be number one

For the spotlight to shine on me

To feel the sun’s warmth all over my body

And it never came

But in disappointment I found something else

Something more important


LA TIMES: Many British business outraged at PM Johnson’s immigration plan

Liverpool Central Library, 11March2015, Photo: Anthony Moretti

According to the Los Angeles Times,

The stringent post-Brexit immigration policy, unveiled by the government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson late Tuesday, would make it far more difficult for nationals of European Union countries to live and work in Britain beginning next year, when last month’s formal departure from the EU takes effect.

The proposed new rules, the most sweeping immigration overhaul in years, are a precursor to sweeping social and economic changes to be ushered in as Brexit takes hold. Critics have predicted many of those will be to Britain’s long-term detriment.

(ICYMI) An open letter to Xinhua

Public Domain image

Dear Xinhua,

Congratulations. You have made the Trump List.

America’s Leader Who Shall Not Be Doubted has decided your employees and their colleagues at multiple other Chinese news agencies are tools of your government.

Let’s not forget that Trump has often characterized American news agencies for being enemies of the people because they dare to report information he doesn’t like.

As of today, you and your Chinese colleagues have become enemies of the state simply because Trump hates your leader.

Such a simple world view this man has.

We know Trump would quickly identify Russia’s RT and Radio Sputnik, which I recently identified as the “Bobo dolls” of American media, as tools of that government, but, well, you know, Vladimir Putin treats Trump so well. On the other hand, your president Xi Jinping dares to stand up to Tariff Trump, so our guy had to do something to show your guy who’s boss.

In the many parts of America still gripped by disbelief that a foreign government would borrow from the CIA’s playbook and seek to influence the outcome of a national election, Russia Rage remains alive and well. I anticipate Trump will continue to seek the establishment of China Contempt, a national virus that suggests the Asian Man and Woman cannot be trusted. (Of course, in Trump’s America, only those people who praise Trump can be trusted; all other people are dangerous.)

We’ll know soon enough if President Xi lobs a similar grenade at the U.S. media operating within China’s borders. I suspect he doesn’t.