NY TIMES: Chinese government arrests leading critic; sharp crackdown coming?

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According to the New York Times,

The activist is the latest critic to be caught up in Mr. Xi’s far-reaching efforts to limit dissent in China. The crackdown, which has ensnared scores of activists, lawyers, journalists and intellectuals, is likely to intensify as the ruling Communist Party comes under broad attack for its handling of the coronavirus outbreak, one of its biggest political challenges in years.

LA TIMES OPINION: Californians must vote yes on Proposition 13

According to Los Angeles Times columnist George Skelton,

“When kids walk into a school that’s clean and well kept, it sets the tone for the school day,” says O’Donnell, who taught high school social studies for 23 years.

Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda), the other coauthor and a former CSU board member, says the state universities and UC each need $8 billion in capital outlay improvements. They’d get $2 billion apiece from Proposition 13.

“If the state doesn’t provide the money, the only alternative is to raise tuition,” Glazer says.