(ICYMI) Your Wednesday haiku!

Beware of the shark

that once was just a minnow

in a larger pond

TIME: China announces almost 15,000 new coronavirus cases in one day

The number of cases of COVID-19 has surged nearly 10-fold from the previous day in China’s Hubei Province, the epicenter of the outbreak. The number of new deaths also increased dramatically, to 242. Officials explained the uptick Thursday by saying they had reclassified how they were diagnosing and counting cases of COVID-19. Health officials reported…

via New COVID-19 Cases Surge by Nearly 15,000 in China’s Hubei Province After Officials Change Classification System — TIME

(ICYMI) The unending

The unending

Pain that brings

Sadness that brings

Tears that bring

Sleeplessness that brings

Fatigue that brings

Self-doubt that brings

Emptiness that brings

Despair that brings

Nightmares that bring

Tomorrow that brings


Nothing changes it

Nothing fixes it

Nothing stops it

And he dies a little more inside

Wondering what caused it

Finding no answers