Who would go there is

What I don’t get especially knowing

Where it is.

When I think of that place, I wonder

Why it even exists and

How strange it must be.

I’m smart because I ask no questions.

When you asked

When you asked me how I felt

I decided you would never know

The truth

Because I felt so low

When you asked me what I knew

I decided to say

Only a bit

Because it was not my day

When you asked me what I saw

I decided to shrug

And look away

Because the pain made me a slug

When I asked you why you went away

There was nothing

Except silence

MOTHER JONES: When Iowa Goes Down, New Hampshire Should Too



As the election results didn’t begin to trickle in Monday night, cable news and Twitter pundits unleashed an onslaught of hate onto the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses. Thanks to snafus from a new app that precincts were asked to use to report results, the Iowa Democratic Party kept the tallies locked away Monday night, leaving even Iowans…

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