No Fun League successfully erasing Colin Kaepernick


The Wall Street Journal reports the National Football League is employing Soviet-era tactics in whitewashing any memory of Colin Kaepernick during its Sewer Bowl week. (Sewer is not a typo.)

“They’re trying to erase him,” said New York Giants safety Michael Thomas, a vice president with the NFL Players Association. “Even if you’re not going to talk about the controversial part, at least talk about what he did on the field—which was electrifying.”

The Atlantic: Republicans leaders are weak, ethically empty vessels

Photo: Anthony Moretti 20Jan2017

The Atlantic story is worth your attention.

Trump’s takeover of the GOP has happened not because he is widely loved or admired by Republican lawmakers but because he is feared; not because most of the people in the Republican Senate Conference aspire to be like him, but because they are too timid to challenge him.

Left unstated: Those around Hitler, Stalin Castro, Pot, Kim, Mao were too timid to challenge them. And look at what happened.